Wonderful DIY Easy and Cute Easter Hand & Foot Print Art

cottonball bunny-wonderfuldiy f2 OMG ! These little bunnies are so cute !  They are incredibly simple but turn out neat and adorable . All you need are just cotton balls, footprints and a photo.
For making these personal Easter bunnies, first print a photo, then make 4 kids footprints and Cut out a big oval (the belly) . Finally, glue cotton balls and footprints onto it. You can have you kids to help this .That’s it ! Isn’t easy ?
I would like to make some family bunnies for home decoration this Easter, How about you ? For more details, please check the link below that shared by Thrivinghomeblog .

cottonball bunny-wonderfuldiy

cottonball bunny-wonderfuldiy f Click here for the cotton ball little bunnies tutorial

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