The Perfect DIY Super Cute Easter Peep Cake

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Need a creative Easter cake idea? Here it is ! This beautiful Easter peep cake is bright that decorated with the peeps and grassy hidden eggs.I love all the colors . It’s so easy and fun to make , it turned out more breathtaking and neat than I imagined!

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There is no special recipe for the cake itself. You can choose to make a homemade cake or use a box mix (any flavor you want). The icing flavor is up to you as well.You will need to purchase several colors of Peeps and a bag of plain Easter M & M’s.If you do not want to use plain M & M’s, you could try Whopper’s miniature Robin Eggs candy.

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Super cute Easter Cake video tutorial — Youtube Easter-Peep-Cakes-and-Desserts-wonderfuldiy6

 Easter candy for grown ups peeps stuffed jelly shot egg via Endlesssimmer

Easter-Peep-Cakes-and-Desserts-wonderfuldiy5Easter marshmallow peeps via Pinkpistachio

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