The Perfect DIY Stylish Pouch From Old Leggings

Stylish Pouch from old leggings0 The Perfect DIY Stylish Pouch From Old LeggingsStylish Pouch from old leggings1 The Perfect DIY Stylish Pouch From Old Leggings Stylish Pouch from old leggings2 Stylish Pouch from old leggings3 Stylish Pouch from old leggings4 Stylish Pouch from old leggings5 Stylish Pouch from old leggings6 Stylish Pouch from old leggings7 Stylish Pouch from old leggings8 Stylish Pouch from old leggings9 Stylish Pouch from old leggings10 Stylish Pouch from old leggings11 Stylish Pouch from old leggings12

Here are a really cool and interesting way to reuse your old leggings. Turn them into a stylish handy pouch or a lovely pencil case. You will enjoy doing this pouch.

What you will need:
– a pair of leggings (preferably with zipper like the ones in image, otherwise you will have to insert one);
– scissors;
– sewing thread and needle;
– pins;

Directions :

1. Take the leggings and cut off one side, giving some tolerance after the zip ends. The most leggings taper towards the end, so you will have to cut a straight line at the base to assure everything stays even.
2. Cut off another piece of the leggings and ensure it is at least 2 inches longer than your pouch zipper. Cut it open and cut out strips (strips of about 1 inch in width).
3. Pile three strips together, pin the top and begin to braid. Make as many braids as you need to fill up the sides of the pouch.
4. Stitch the braids down onto the material underneath. The important parts to stitch are the sides of each braid to hold them down, and the top and bottom of each braid row.
5. Do it again for the opposite part.
6. Close the zipper to about the halfway mark and flip the pouch inside out. Sew all around.
7. Cut off the surplus edges and your pouch is finished.Stylish Pouch from old leggings F

Photo credit: micheleng