The Perfect DIY Easy Knitted Square Bunny


Easter is only a few weeks away,  it’s time to start getting crafty. How easy to make this cute bunny with a knitted square or any other fabric square .

What you will need :
Knitting needle
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread


knitted Bunny from square-wonderfuldiy f

Directions :

1. Knit a simple square or get a fabric square .
2. Thread your needle and sew a triangle at the top half of your square. The bottom will be a line across the center of the square and the point will be at the top of the square.
3. Pull the thread tight and push down a wad of stuffing into the middle of the triangle. The stuffed triangle will make the head, the ears will be the two now-crinkled edges, and the body will be the other half of the square that’s been untouched.
4. Sew the bunny’s body shut at the top where the two edges of the square meet, then stuff the body, and finally sew the butt closed.
5. Make a pom pom for bunny’s tail .  Please follow the above picture tutorial .


Do you know you can knit a perfect square on any shaped loom ? Here is a free pattern and video tutorial  for it  via


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