Spice Up Your Hairstyle With DIY Hair Combs

Sometimes it’s good to spice things up, just to get some freshness into our style. Hair combs will do just that! They are especially perfect for special events, as they are certainly not a predictable accessory. But even if you wear them as a daily spice-up, they will definitely get the job done! From flower combs to rhinestone ones, this roundup has it all!

Lightsaber crystals
Gold leaf hair combs
Flower combs
Rhinestone Comb
Spike comb
Glass snowflake
Pearl Combs
Embroidery Wrap
Silk flowers hair comb

Enjoy these DIY hair combs that will take your hairstyle to the next level!  

Flower Combs


Flowers in the hair will never go out of style – they’re youthful and romantic! These combs are ideal for outdoorsy events! With flowers, you have so many options and possibilities; you can really make them fit your style! Bride & Breakfast will show you how!

Lightsaber Crystals


Did this hair comb fall to the Earth from outer space?! Nope, Erad’s Cantina made it! You’ll definitely be the most noticeable person in the room with this distinct hair comb! There’s no room for being average anymore – this one is for all the trendsetters!

Glass Snowflake


If you’ve ever wanted to walk into an event like a queen, this hair comb surely enables you to do so. It embodies elegance like no other! It’s incredibly delicate and well worth the patience you’ll put into it! Luckily, Panda Hall guides you through the whole process!

Silk Flowers


Another comb full of flowers, looking super girly and summery! You can use fresh flowers if you want or use fake ones and hold onto the comb a little while longer! It looks so beautiful you won’t want to take it off! Find the tutorial at Green Wedding Shoes!

Necklace Comb

Necklace Comb

Did you know that you can turn a beautiful necklace into a stunning hair comb? Well, now you do! It is simpler than it sounds, so no need to worry! Just choose the necklace wisely and follow the tutorial at West End Girl to see how you can turn one accessory into another!

Spike Comb


We’re bringing sexy back! Make room for some punk inspiration! This hair comb has a sexy and rebellious vibe to it, so if you feel like channeling your inner, troublemaking teenager self, here’s your chance! Honestly WTF has the instructions and (spoiler alert!) you’ll only need three supplies to make it!

Embroidery Wrap


This project, found at Kristina J., gives you an opportunity to play around with colors! Buy different colors of embroidery floss and experiment with weaving them together! Unleash all of your creativity and enjoy the making-of process.

Pearl Combs


Sure, it’s a cliché: being a little girl, dreaming about becoming a princess. But hey, why not honor that little girl and turn yourself into a modern-day princess? The pearl hair comb by Flax & Twine will help you do so! With delicate pearls you will look as graceful as ever!

Gold Leaf

gold leaf

Gold and glamour always go hand in hand! These hair combs, decorated with golden leaves, are truly attractive and captivating. Love at first sight? Absolutely! Head over to Love Maegan and see how you can turn your hairstyle game from weak to on fleek!

Rhinestone Comb


Marilyn Monroe sang I don’t need rhinestones and went for actual diamonds instead, but that’s only because she never came across this beautiful, sparkly hair comb we found at eHow! This comb, with rhinestones in perfect order, will be your new best friend!

How are you spicing up your hairstyle this summer?

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