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DIY Tablet Stand

Sick of holding your tablet in front of you or using those awkward case stands? Here is just the solution for you. This DIY Tablet Stand allows you to move your tablet in pretty much any position you want. You can adjust it for your viewing pleasure or just so you have it in the […]

DIY Family Photo Wall Clock

Sharing family photos in any way or form is just required in every home. How you do it is really up to you. But here is just one other way you can do it with this DIY Family Photo Wall Clock which you can add a beautiful photo for every hour of the day :). […]

DIY Mobile Vacation Cottage

Interesting in purchasing a trailer this year? How about building your own DIY Mobile Vacation Cottage. This thing is beautiful and actually not too difficult to build if you have a lot of time and are handy with the wood and nails. Click on over to the full tutorial for all the instructions you need […]

The Perfect DIY Cute Marshmallow Sheep Cupcake

These extremely simple sheep cupcakes are so adorable ! They are made from frosted white icing and marshmallows then iced with a chubby sheep face.These are so simple and fun to make that you can enlist your kids to help! They are perfect for baby shower or birthday party ! …

The Perfect DIY Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

These Rainbow Jello eggs make a great colorful addition to your Easter table. If you are looking for something different for your Easter, make these delicious rainbow jello easter eggs. They are a fun and colorful dessert that guests young and old will enjoy. These rainbow jello eggs are very …