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The Perfect DIY Crunchy Nacho-Crusted Crescent Dog

These Nacho-Crusted Crescent Dog are simply irresistible ! This is a quick recipe that you can make it in 30 minutes . They’re nice finger food , easy to eat with no mess, it makes a surprisingly filling dog that’s great to take to a ball game or picnic. For …

How to Fake a Clean House for Last Minute Visitors

How to Fake a Clean House for Last Minute Visitors

This is something that really happens when you have kids at home, toys everywhere, cups and blankets in the corner. When you have friends just decide to pop in for a visit, you may have only 10 – 20 minutes heads up, which is not long enough to really clean …

DIY Gift Card Snow Globe In A Jar

If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea, or perhaps you decided to settle with a gift card, then this DIY Gift Card Snow Globe In A Jar is the perfect way to wrap it up! This presentation is a great gift idea for kids or teenagers. Everyone will admire the work that has […]

How to Grow Apple trees from Seed

Have you ever simply plucked seeds from the delicious apple you just ate and grow them in your yard? When you enjoy an apple, you probably think about the fact the tiny seeds in the core can actually produce an apple tree . Growing apples from seeds is not complicated …

How to DIY Cookie Basket Out of Paper Plate

How to DIY Cookie Basket Out of Paper Plate

This is super easy and brilliant way to make cookie or dessert basket (container) for gift-to-go after a party. It’s so quick to cut and fold the paper plate, a must do for party in future. Materials you need: Paper plate Scissors Puncher or glue Ribbon or Tape (optional) DIY …

The Perfect DIY Glowing in the Dark Log Campfire Stools

These cool glow-in-the-dark log stools would be the perfect out-of-this-world seating arrangement. What an easy way to spice up your backyard seating area or very cool for the campfire! There’s nothing we love more than an outdoor cookout on a summer night. Sitting around the fire, enjoying nature, and cooking …

DIY Holiday Hot Chocolate Mix

Now, we’ve all seen hot chocolate mixes as gifts for kids and hostesses, but this DIY Holiday Hot Chocolate Mix is not for everyone. This ultimate mix if for the adults who like a bit of a kick to a warm hot coco drink! Make a batch of this hot chocolate mix and layer the […]