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The Perfect DIY Kids Finger Weaving

Finger weaving is fun ! This is a great boredom buster, travel-friendly craft — make your own bracelet, necklace, belt …just using your fingers ! It’s great for kids .You can buy just a bag of refill loops, and be well on your way to some finger weaving fun. Finger …

6 DIY Master Bedroom Makeovers

Looking for some great master bedroom makeovers? Here is a great round up of 6 DIY Master Bedroom Makeovers. You will be amazed what you can do with a little bit of time and very little cash. Click on over and check out all 6 of the makeovers today! Curbly Credit for Image(s):

The Perfect DIY Ten-Sided Globe Gift Box

This is the assembly of a modular kirigami model. You can make it as a gift box or just for home decoration . The tutorial is very easy once you have the template . All you need to do are print the template and cut the stripes ,step by step …

DIY Storage And Organization Bed

Finding space in your bedroom can sometimes be a challenge. So why not check out this really thoughtful DIY Storage And Organization Bed which gives just that tonnes of storage and organization departments to get tidy. Click on over and check out the tutorial today! Shanty Chic Credit for Image(s):

The Perfect DIY Cute Ballerina Cupcake

Here is a cute way to personalize cupcakes for the little princess in your life. These are probably the most adorable cupcakes ever! If you are planning a ballerina themed birthday party, you are probably considering the perfect cake for the birthday girl. Although cakes are the traditional dessert option, …

Simple DIY Storage Solution

Here is a really great idea for any bedroom to store all of your kids toys. They keep all those toys that can easily get mixed up stored in each container to keep things organized for when your kids want to play with something specific. Click on over and check out the tutorial today! Shanty […]

The Perfect DIY Rain Gutter Strawberry Planter

Strawberries are delicious , they are one of the easiest to grow. But Growing strawberries also can be a challenge. Normally the biggest issue in growing strawberries is the fact that if they sit for too long on the soil, they spoil before they can be picked. Over watering can …

How to Make a Fabulous DIY LEGO Room

If you have Lego fans at your house, they will love this fabulous Lego room. Here is the step by step tutorial shared by Citymomsblog, please check it in the below link, hope you get inspired to create your Lego room with your imagination, Enjoy ~~ (Photo source here) How-to-make-a-fabulous-diy-lego-boys-room  …