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How To Grow Indoor Lemon Seeds In a Pot

I love lemon juice, lemon pie, lemon cake…. ! Lemon is great for our health and Lemon leaves smell very good. The leaves of the lemon tree are used to make a tea and for preparing cooked meats and seafood. You can plant lemon seeds in a pot,, that’s awesome …

Olaf Frozen Cookies

We can’t get enough of the movie Frozen! These super cute Olaf Frozen Cookies make the perfect treat for the upcoming holidays! Not only do they look incredible, they taste amazing! Your kids will love these Frozen inspired cookies for their birthdays, class bake sale, or Christmas party! Check out the full tutorial! Nutter Butter […]

How to Make Plastic Canvas “Straw” Placemats

How to Make Plastic Canvas “Straw” Placemats

Here’s what you’ll need: • One sheet of 9 x 12 plastic canvas, 7-count size (per placemat) • 3 spools of synthetic raffia (see below) • Needlepoint needle (big eye, dull point) • Scissors – See more at: Do you try leaf stitch on fabric before? today we are …

The Perfect DIY Crochet Kids Mitten with Free Pattern

Keep your little one’s hands warm with these crochet mittens ! They are cute and cozy . I love mittens in the winter and bought some for my family while skiing and playing snow, but I like the handmade yarn mittens more when I was driving .I think your baby …

The Perfect DIY Beautiful Fabric Butterfly

These butterflies are so beautiful that made of silk, satin or organza .They are nice decoration, and it’s a good idea to use those left over fabrics . As you know, there are many ways for making butterfly, such as beads butterfly, plastic butterfly, crochet butterfly…Butterflies can be used as …

The Perfect DIY Hanging Herb Garden for Kitchen

How gorgeous is this herb garden in the kitchen ! It’s beautiful, simple, inexpensive, and yields fresh herbs right in your kitchen. Herb Gardens are definitely Fabulous ! If you don’t want to give up counter space, please try this ! For my kitchen, I usually put some flowers on …

The Perfect DIY Stylish Scarf Ankle Wrap Sandals

Refashion your sandals with a scarf this summer ! You will love this easy but fantastic idea . All you need are just Flip Flops, Lightweight Oblong Summer Scarf and Scissors, have fun ! Click here for the tutorial from Miss Kris  12-wonderful-ideas-to-refashion-your-shirts — Check here

Man Cave Wine Storage Gym Locker

How amazing is this Man Cave Wine Storage Gym Locker! If you can get your hands on an old gym locker or something to similar to one, perhaps at a vintage store, this will make an incredible piece to add to a man’s cave. Fill it with your man’s favorite wines and spirits, this will […]

DIY Time Out Stool

Being a parent has some hard parts, as it’s not always fun and sunshine. There are moments in every parent’s life, when they have to deal...