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The Perfect DIY Shark Pencil Pouch with Template

This zipped shark pencil pouch is button cute that every kids will love it , will the adults ! It could hold a bunch of pencils and look so cool. I always want to find a unique pencil pouch in store every school year ,but it’s hard to get it …

DIY Party Hats Stringed Lights

It’s always nice to have some festive lights strung up during birthday parties or any other special occasions. Check out how to make this DIY Party Hats Stringed Lights! They not only provide soft lighting for a space, but they compliment any party decor. Great for kid’s birthday parties indoor or outdoor! It’s a great […]

The Perfect DIY Pink Lemonade Pie

This Pink Lemonade Pie is so pretty , and delicious too !   It’s a great dessert for the party, I can’t  wait to make this wonderful lemonade pie for my family.    Recipe by Blooming on Bainbridge . Ingredients : 1 graham cracker crust 1 ~ 12 ounce can …

DIY Rose Valentine Wreath

Looking for a really great way to decorate your home for valentines day? Or A great gift for your significant other? Well here is an amazing DIY Rose Valentine Wreath for just that. Simply draw out the template, cut the pattern and roll up the spiral to form a rose petal. Also remember with this […]

The Perfect DIY Crochet Harriet Bag with Free Pattern

This Crochet Harriet Bag looks simple and generous , I totally fall in love when I saw it on Pinterest .This style and color will match most of my dresses. It’s one of the most popular crochet projects . Please check the link below to download the free pattern that …

DIY Body Scrub

I love this scrub for so many reasons! This is the best DIY Body Scrub you will find. All the ingredients can be found in your kitchen making this the purest and most organic scrub I’ve ever used. The scrub will leave your body feeling and looking soft and smooth while removing all excess of […]

DIY Valentine’s Day Party At Home

If you are wanting to do something a bit different this year, why not throw a DIY Valentine’s Day Party At Home? This amazing tutorial incorporates all the reds, pinks, hearts and kisses to make your party a day filled with love! Or you can make this party for some of your children’s closest friends […]