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10 Organization Tips for Back to School

It is that time of year again, Back to School. What does that mean? The general sense of craziness, super busy mornings, and can’t forget the homework that never found its way into your kids bags. While some parents cannot wait till their kids go back, others, does not look forward to the beginning of […]

The Perfect DIY Spoon Butterfly

Tweet Recycle those old spoons and forks to turn them into these fabulous butterfly arts, they are simple but beautiful decoration for your...

How to DIY Awesome Rainbow Cheesecake (Video)

How to DIY Awesome Rainbow Cheesecake (Video)

This is one of the go to recipes where you can enjoy making it with your kids. It’s perfect for kid’s party, with rainbow layers that appear on each slice of cake, it would be awesome to have a unicorn in my kitchen! For all details, go to this link: …

15 Unique and Innovative Wall Hooks

When it comes to doing things yourself or home decor, it typically comes down to what you have on hand. You can pretty much create any number of unique home decor ideas by recycling or re-purposing things you have laying around the house or the garage. So I decided today to focus on 15 unique […]