DIY Bedroom Canopies Ideas for Everyone

Few things can make a bedroom look magical as much as a simple canopy does. It makes it cozy, stunning and almost fairy tale like. When making one yourself the possibilities are endless; you can pick one that hangs just above the head, one that goes around the entire bed or maybe one that is hanging freely over the center of the bed and can be readjusted at will. Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help!


This is perfect for your bedroom if you’re looking for something elegant and simple. It leaves all sides of the bed completely free, while still providing you with a classic canopy look, over the head of the bed. Visit Vintage Romance Style for instructions on how to make it! The best part about this choice is that if you have little children (or pets that like to run around), you don’t have to worry about them tugging on the fabric, because it’s safely placed behind the headboard.

VRS DIY Bedroom Canopies Ideas for Everyone

Another idea comes from Better Homes and Gardens. It’s sophisticated, but simultaneously brings dynamic into your bedroom, making it look much more alive. It’s crazy simple to make, as well as flexible, if you ever feel like changing the fabric.

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If you were a fan of forts as a kid, you’re going to love this. Make your bed a space where you feel safe and cozy by making a canopy that goes around all sides of the bed. For this private little fort, you can use a variety of materials, see-through or not. If you opt for a transparent option, Olive and Love has got you covered.


If you don’t like the see through option, you can just use curtains of any fabric or pattern you wish. Lonny Magazine has a lovely idea that you can see below. Did someone say “sleep like royalty?”



Oh, the hoops. Live out your childhood fairy tale by making yourself a hoop canopy. Mr. Kate has a fun tutorial on how to make it in just a few short steps, using a hula hoop. As a bonus you can add some string lights and it’s bound to make the room look even more magical. Just like the pillow on the bed says, we definitely #LoveIt.


You can also use an embroidery hoop and play around with different fabrics, like Tiani Lou did. The results are amazing! One of the biggest perks is that you can really make it in your own personal style, so that it exactly fits your bedroom and matches the fabrics or patterns you’ve already used (as a bed cover, as curtains etc.).



Of course canopies are not just for adults living out their childhood dreams, they are perfect for children’s rooms, too. And especially perfect for cribs! This particular one requires a bit more effort and time, but it’s totally worth its while! Make your little nugget feel like a princess or a prince, since the day you bring them home! Visit My Love of Style to see full tutorial.



Perhaps you have a space limitation or maybe you’re just not into structured bedrooms and prefer something that looks more free and without any rules. If you find yourself in this description, worry not. There’s a place for you as well, in the canopy world. (There’s a place for everyone, really). The Naked Co-Ed came up with a very creative idea that she used for her dorm room. Limited space, limited resources and yet, such a lovely and dynamic canopy!


Another “free spirit” canopy idea is provided by Urban Outfitters and it’s so simple it’s almost funny! Just looking at it makes you want to curl up in it with a hot cup of tea! Plus, it’s a really creative way to make use of those bohemian tapestries you may have found in a thrift store!



Why not play around and set up a fun canopy frame by installing it just above the corners of the bed? It looks elegant, sophisticated, innovative and unique. One Kings Lane tells you all about how to make it! (Spoiler alert: it’s super easy!)


We hope you found these ideas inspiring and helpful. You now have all the resources to turn your bedroom into an elegant place with a hint of magic. Enjoy!