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The Perfect DIY Cute Caterpillar Cupcakes

This colorful caterpillar cupcake is so cute, perfect for kid’s party or various events especially . Surprise your child with a caterpillar-themed party. Celebrate a birthday, graduation, achievement or school party by creating a caterpillar centerpiece out of cupcakes. A caterpillar design can accommodate any amount of cupcakes and can …

Best Craft Cutting Tools

After doing tonnes of crafting and DIY projects for many years I decided to share the tools I currently use for all my cuts. Yes I have 6 different type of cutting tools I use for all my projects. Click on each of the links to find the cutting tools that I use for reasonable […]

The Perfect DIY Strawberry Fridge Cake

If you are looking for a delicious and easy cake recipe, here is a  perfect one for you to make,  Your family will love this Strawberry Refrigerator Cake.   It’s a breeze to make and tastes amazing.    Recipe by Crystal and Co. Ingredients: 1 Duncan Hines Supreme Strawberry Cake Mix …

How to Make a Pom Pom

Here is the perfect photo tutorial guide on How to Make a Pom Pom. You will be able to even it out on all sides and make it yourself. Pom poms can be used for so many things including decorations, gifts or even for adding some style to your clothes. Enjoy!

The Perfect DIY Easy Marshmallow Fondant

It’s incredibly simple to make fondant at home . All you need are 3 ingredients : Marshmallows, Powdered sugar and Crisco . Four if you count the food coloring. As you know, you can make ton of amazing cakes in different style if you get fondant . Such as John …

DIY Kitchen Organization and Storage Magnetic Rack

Keeping all your knives organized in your kitchen sometimes can be a total nightmare. Shifting through drawers and knife holders trying to find the knife you need can be time consuming. So why not try this DIY Kitchen Organization and Storage Magnetic Rack and leave them in the open and available for your cutting needs. […]

Hello Kitty Inspired Easter Egg

I’m always looking for fun ways for us to decorate our Easter Eggs.  It doesn’t get much easier than this Hello Kitty inspired egg!  And honestly,...

10 DIY Storage Boxes, Baskets And Containers

Here is a really great collection of 10 DIY Storage Boxes, Baskets And Containers. You will love every single one I can promise you that. Just make sure you DIY one of these babies this weekend I know I will :). 1. I Heart Organizing 2. 1 Dog Woof 3. Ceci-Bean 4. Woman’s Day 5. […]

DIY No Sew Flower Headband Tutorial

Isn’t this headband adorable?  It’s also a no-sew headband!  You can make it quickly and completely customize it for you!  This would be a fun project...