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The Perfect DIY Cute Ballerina Cupcake

Here is a cute way to personalize cupcakes for the little princess in your life. These are probably the most adorable cupcakes ever! If you are planning a ballerina themed birthday party, you are probably considering the perfect cake for the birthday girl. Although cakes are the traditional dessert option, …

Simple DIY Storage Solution

Here is a really great idea for any bedroom to store all of your kids toys. They keep all those toys that can easily get mixed up stored in each container to keep things organized for when your kids want to play with something specific. Click on over and check out the tutorial today! Shanty […]

23 Valentines Day Ideas

Everyone is looking for Valentines Day ideas including your kids. So why not give them some great ideas. Click on over and check out these 23 Valentines Day Ideas that your kids will love because Valentines Day is not just about Candy you know :). BuzzFeed Credit for Image(s):

DIY Waterfall Braid Hair Style

This is an amazing DIY Waterfall Braid Hair Style which is great for night life or going out for dinner with your loved one. Plus it is actually not that hard to do. Just follow the steps in the picture tutorial exactly the way it shows it and you will have yourself an amazing hair […]

Fun, Easy T-Shirt Dress

Isn’t this t-shirt dress from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff the cutest?  It’s super EASY! Pick out fabric for a favorite sports team, for school colors, holidays, rainbow...

30 DIY Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas

Kitchen can so easily become a total disorgnized mess with all the cooking supplies, recipes, spices and everything else that does not actually find a real home in the kitchen. So why not go and check out these 30 DIY Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas to whip your kitchen back into shape. Start getting organized […]

19 Simple DIY Projects

Need some starter DIY projects to get you rolling? Here are 19 Simple DIY Projects that are absolutely perfect for beginners. My personal favorite one is the fabric pillows. It does not require a lot of materials and they are actually really easy to make and match any home decor you like perfectly. Enjoy! BuzzFeed […]

10 DIY Shared Space Offices

Here is another great collection of 10 DIY Shared Space Offices that will make sharing office space at home easy. Make sure you have your own office areas by using some of these unique ideas. There is always a way to ensure you have 2 office spaces in 1 room I can promise you that. […]