Author: Kristen Evans

DIY Cardboard Christmas Tree

Need another Christmas tree in your home? One that shines with any color you like. Well this is just the DIY craft idea for you. This DIY Cardboard Christmas Tree project is very easy to make and they look amazing especially with the lighting effect they provide. Click on over and check out this great […]

How to DIY Rainbow Loom Daisy Flower Bracelet (Video)

How to DIY Rainbow Loom Daisy Flower Bracelet (Video)

Pretty Rainbow Loom Daisy Flower Bracelet that is fun to make with rubber band, wish you enjoy the time alone or with kids. You may love these, tooHow to DIY Cute Crochet Cabbage Patch Hats (Video)How to DIY Colorful Rubber Band Bracelet (Video)How to Make Crochet African Flower Soccer BallHow …

25 Brilliant Ways to Use an Ice Tray

There is more to an ice tray than just making ice. As refrigerators now have their own mechanism to making ice, the need for ice trays are becoming obsolete. But don’t toss these trays out yet. They make great everyday uses as you’re about to see. Take a look at these 25 brilliant ways to […]