Author: Kristen Evans

The Perfect DIY Zebra Newborn Baby Hat and Blanket

These Crochet Zebra Newborn baby hat and  Blanket are adorable !  If you love zebra print, you will love these zebra hat and blanket set . I really like this hot pink edge and flower for decoration too . These zebra hat and blanket will be a great handmade gift  …

DIY Waterfall Braid Hair Style

This is an amazing DIY Waterfall Braid Hair Style which is great for night life or going out for dinner with your loved one. Plus it is actually not that hard to do. Just follow the steps in the picture tutorial exactly the way it shows it and you will have yourself an amazing hair […]

Fun, Easy T-Shirt Dress

Isn’t this t-shirt dress from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff the cutest?  It’s super EASY! Pick out fabric for a favorite sports team, for school colors, holidays, rainbow...

30 DIY Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas

Kitchen can so easily become a total disorgnized mess with all the cooking supplies, recipes, spices and everything else that does not actually find a real home in the kitchen. So why not go and check out these 30 DIY Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas to whip your kitchen back into shape. Start getting organized […]

The Perfect DIY Beautiful Tyre Planter

Here is a nice green idea of turning the old tyres into teacup planters ! These teacup tyre planters are beautiful, they add pretty colors to your garden . You can paint them in your favorite style . My daughter likes the pink one, my son loves the ladybug color… …

19 Simple DIY Projects

Need some starter DIY projects to get you rolling? Here are 19 Simple DIY Projects that are absolutely perfect for beginners. My personal favorite one is the fabric pillows. It does not require a lot of materials and they are actually really easy to make and match any home decor you like perfectly. Enjoy! BuzzFeed […]