Author: Kristen Evans

DIY Pallet Lounge

Looking for a new lounging area with some huge couches? Why not just build them yourself with this really great DIY Pallet Lounge tutorial and directions. You can basically just setup the frame with pallets the rest you can use your imagination and utilize any cushions and pillows you like. Enjoy! Sassy Sparrow Credit for […]

The Perfect DIY Upcycled Chair Bench

Turn your old chairs into this fantastic bench, what a great idea ! What you do, basically, is evident from the pictures above. You keep ornate chair backs and the legs but join the chairs together by a unifying seating, it can be styled to go with any style preferences …

The Perfect DIY Easter Marshmallow Bunny Cake

This cute delightful Marshmallow Bunny Cake is perfect for your Easter celebration. Instead of frosting the cake, it just placed small marshmallows all over the cake. you will love this look and the taste . I think my favorite is the bunny decoration ,one is looking at the sandwich, another …

DIY Organizing and Storage Ideas

Here is an ultimate guide for organizing and storage around your home. These DIY Organizing and Storage Ideas are simply the best. Everything from keeping your bedding organized to keeping photos organized and even a guide showing you what to keep and what to throw out. Click on over and check it out! Clean Mama […]

The Perfect DIY Cute Caterpillar Cupcakes

This colorful caterpillar cupcake is so cute, perfect for kid’s party or various events especially . Surprise your child with a caterpillar-themed party. Celebrate a birthday, graduation, achievement or school party by creating a caterpillar centerpiece out of cupcakes. A caterpillar design can accommodate any amount of cupcakes and can …

Best Craft Cutting Tools

After doing tonnes of crafting and DIY projects for many years I decided to share the tools I currently use for all my cuts. Yes I have 6 different type of cutting tools I use for all my projects. Click on each of the links to find the cutting tools that I use for reasonable […]