Author: Kristen Evans

DIY Easy Fringed Scarf

Scarfs are the perfect winter accessory to complete any outfit. This amazing DIY Easy Fringed Scarf is so incredibly simple to make, you’ll end up making a variety of fringed scarfs in all colors! And what’s even better is it’s completely sew-free! All you need is some fabric for the scarf, yarn in your favorite […]

The Perfect DIY Adorable Sock Monkey

This classic sock monkey toy has been a favorite of children and adults for years. These instructions for a sock monkey pattern from CRAFTPASSION show you how to make a classic sock monkey with a step by step tutorial. Materials: Make: 1 (adult size) 1. Sock (crew length), 1 pair …

The Perfect DIY Heart-Shaped Cake For Valentine’s Day

This heart-shaped cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s yummy ,romantic and easy to make. You don’t even need a heart-shaped pan. Be sure to make your own heart shaped cake for your lover, show your love this Valentine’s day . What you will need : 1 package cake mix …

DIY Balloon Door Wreath

This fun DIY Balloon Door Wreath is a great way to add excitement to an entry way or on the front of your child’s bedroom door! Create your own balloon wreath by choosing your favorite colors and instantly change a room! This is a great project for an upcoming children’s birthday party or to simply […]

The Perfect DIY Clay Pot Flower People

These flower people are so adorable! Clay pots are not just for plants. They can be used in a unique way that will definitely transform your home garden into the envy of your neighbors and friends. Take a couple of minutes to make yourself this creative flower pot man. It …

Vintage DIY Crystal Belt Coat

I’m in love with this gorgeous Vintage DIY Crystal Belt Coat! This stunning add-on is a must for this winter season wool coats. Not only does this crystal belt add a vintage feel to a runway look, it adds just enough bling around the backside to stop people in their tracks! If you love this […]

The Perfect DIY Yummy Strawberry Heart Jelly

You will love these  no bake Strawberry Heart Jelly and sure your guests will be impressed. . They look so pretty, and yummy as well . Making these strawberry heart jellies are very easy, once you follow  the tutorial in the link below.This strawberry heart is perfect for your Valentine’s …