20 Easy and Fun Concrete DIY Cement Projects for Your Home


Awesome Easy Fun Concrete DIY Cement Projects for Your Home !
since Roman times Cement and concrete has been with us and the Brutalist current seriously put the raw concrete wall on the spot. The only recently concrete things such as : lamps, small gifts , furniture design, flower pots, candle holders and other similar decorations and smart ideas that have taken off and have possessed a position in the contemporary interior design ideas and designs . There are some small details that reflect the object itself such as : sharp lines ,Clean, simple shapes or bold ones . rough materiality is the thing , which empowers the product and gives it an attractive awesome appeal .

laying a concrete wall is not an easy job, it is something that suitable for professional people, but small cute fun DIY cement projects are easy and not heavy for any member of your family . The best part is that even if you ruin a certain thing or item or it does not come out quite the way you wanted, you could simply make a new awesome one in such an easy way . Not just that but DIY Cement also represents awesome gifts with some beautiful personal touches such as lace printing . Now , I will give you a list of the best 20 easy fun DIY Cement projects for your home:

1- DIY Cement Candle Holders
2- DIY Cement Projects- Cement Flower Pots
3- DIY Concrete Planter
4- DIY Concrete Coffee and Side Table
5- DIY Concrete Stool
6- Concrete Coffee Table
7- DIY Cement Clock
8- DIY Cement Cellphone Holder
9- Concrete Drink Cooler on Rolls
10- DIY Small Concrete Fire Pit
11- DIY Cement Bookends
12- DIY Cement Magnetic Letters
13- DIY Cement Deer Head Sculpture
14- DIY Cement Lamp
15- DIY Round Cement Candle Holders
16- DIY Cement Projects- Christmas Decorations
17- DIY Cement Pen and Pencil Holders
18- DIY Concrete Table Cloth Clippers
19- DIY Concrete Hanging Lamp
20- Cement Magnetic Eggs .

Try and take a chance at making these simple DIY projects , you will have much of fun !


sources : Homemade

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